Pick up of construction orders likely to trigger an economic recovery

Yutaka Uda comments on the impact of the FY2018 supplementary budget on construction orders and their wider impact.

Change on the horizon? Japan’s “Reiwa” Era to start in May

Mitsuhiro Yuasa provides an outlook on the Japanese economy in 2019.

Global economy to turn around from 2H 2019 onwards

Yutaka Uda comments on the importance of fiscal policies in the current economic environment.

The team continue to focus on individual growth companies

Mitsuhiro Yuasa comments on the importance of "looking at a tree not a forest".

Infrastructure spending will help the global economic recovery

Yutaka Uda comments on the Japanese FY2019 budget.

We find and invest in growth opportunities as always. This time, it’s 5G.

Mitsuhiro Yuasa is feeling positive towards the Japanese market.

Sticking with good quality and growing companies

Mitsuhiro Yuasa puts the stock market's performance in December in context and comments on the Fund's current positioning.

Decisive fiscal stimulus to be implemented by government

Yutaka Uda comments on Prime Minister Abe's pursuit of higher economic growth and the respective means adopted.

The New Immigration Law – Another Step Towards New Japan

The domestic market recovered slightly in November despite the lack of any good news. Investors were disappointed about the lack of results from the APEC forum, with no notable progress made regarding the trade dispute between the US and China.

Japanese companies have strength to deliver profits

In October, the market declined due to rising interest rates in the US and increased fears about a future deterioration of the US and global economy. The market fell after the US market plummeted following the release of weak housing statistics amid a worrying quarterly earnings season.

Japan on the road to growth – Understanding the mission and values of companies

Abenomics has inspired fundamental changes. According to Mitsuhiro Yuasa, director of Tokyo-based Rheos Capital Works, the emergence of new technologies will contribute to economic growth.