Some strong H1 results despite equity markets’ lack of direction

Bertrand Faure provides an overview of the top and bottom contributors to the Fund.

European Equities: The potential for value creation in the long-term

Bertrand Faure provides an update on the Fund's strategy as well as his insights regarding the market corrections of 2018 and the drivers of strong returns during 2019.

The backend of 2019 could offer very interesting opportunities in European small and mid-cap companies

Bertrand Faure provides insight on the potential opportunities available in European equities towards the backend of 2019.

Month of May lived up to its reputation

Bertrand Faure comments on the investment climate in Europe during the famously challenging month of May.

A YTD stock-level review

Bertrand Faure provides a detailed commentary about the Fund's and its underlying stocks' YTD performance.

European equity markets are showing signs of becoming more rational in 2019

Bertrand Faure provides insight on the European equity markets and his Fund’s investment process.

March review: Cautious outlook remains

Willem Vinke takes a closer look at the Fund's top performing sectors and contributors in March.

Fund Update – November 2018

The Strategic Europe Value Fund (EUR I Class) returned 0.13% in November, outperforming its index by 1% and the Strategic Global Quality Fund returned 1.20%, outperforming its benchmark by 0.06%.

October update – A preference for defensive portfolio positioning

The Strategic Europe Value Fund declined -4.24% in October, outperforming its index by 1.07 percentage points. The best performing sectors in terms of alpha were Materials and Industrials, due to strong stock selection. The Fund’s overweight to the Consumer Staples and Health Care sectors and its slightly higher cash position also helped.

Never so good?

It is too early to make an assessment regarding 2018; however, there is very little chance for the year to leave a good memory for European investors. Marc Craquelin comments.

September update – Cautious view maintained

The Strategic Europe Value Fund returned 0.58% over the month, slightly outperforming its benchmark (+0.53%). Stock selection was strong during September, particularly in the Information Technology and Consumer Staples sectors.