A broad market rally

Eric Vanraes comments on the Central Bank's guidance, triggering a broad cross-asset market rally in June.

“Buy in May”

Eric Vanraes looks at potential buying opportunities presented during the month of May and the rest of the year.

Low Inflation + Weak Growth = Strong Rally

Eric Vanraes comments on the macro economy in the US and Europe and discusses investment opportunities given the current environment.

Open bar at the Fed!

Eric Vanraes comments on the Fed's return to a dovish monetary policy.

Strong job data offset by dovish FOMC minutes

Eric Vanraes comments on the Fed's current Quantitative Tightening Policy.

Dovish Cup: FED-ECB Finish 1-1

Eric Vanraes discusses the dovish tones of the FED and ECB.

Growth concerns push yields lower

Eric Vanraes comments on attractive investment opportunities in the the current environment of increased volatility due to global risk aversion.

Leveraging on the opportunities presented – the launch of the New Sturdza Family Fund

In November the Fund posted a total return of +2.51%, outperforming its benchmark by 0.63 percentage points.

Evolution in EI Sturdza’s Product Offering

EI Sturdza is pleased to advise that two new sub-funds of the EI Sturdza Funds plc are to be launched in December 2018, the Sturdza Family Fund, a multi asset vehicle and the Strategic Bond Opportunities Fund, offering a core exposure to fixed income markets.