Infrastructure spending will help the global economic recovery

Yutaka Uda comments on the Japanese FY2019 budget.

Government measures introduced to counter the slowdown

Lilian Co explains the measures taken by the government to counter the growth slowdown.

We find and invest in growth opportunities as always. This time, it’s 5G.

Mitsuhiro Yuasa is feeling positive towards the Japanese market.

January Rebound

Eric I. Sturdza discusses future rate hikes.

Dovish Cup: FED-ECB Finish 1-1

Eric Vanraes discusses the dovish tones of the FED and ECB.

The FED and ECB Remain Flexible

Bertrand Faure comments on the markets resilience.

January Update

The Strategic Europe Value Fund returned 5.09%* in January, underperforming its index by -1.1%. The market partially rebounded in January...

Development on US-China trade talks to trigger a miraculous jump for the market

Yutaka Uda discusses the potential for the Japanese economy to regain momentum.

A view on the 2018 market movements

Bertrand Faure comments on the Fund's upside potential over the years to come.

The closing of the Strategic US Momentum & Value Fund

Eric Sturdza comments on the Fund closing its doors and looks back on its performance during the turbulent year of 2018.

New Family Fund launches – Offering dynamic exposure to global markets

Eric Sturdza introduces the Sturdza Family Fund, which launched in December, providing investors with the dynamic management of a global multi-asset investment portfolio.

90 day truce agreed – Trade deal nearing

Lilian Co comments on the implications of the 90-day trade truce between the US and China.