Market Polarisation – A H1 Review

Marc Craquelin comments on the interest rate environment in H1 and the resulting market polarisation.

In-depth due diligence, a basic requirement for long term sustainability

Brenda Petsche, Managing Director, reiterates our business model and due diligence processes, in light of the practices recently adopted by other Investment Managers.

Japan opens itself internally and externally

MItsuhiro Yuasa discusses how Japan's economy is closely intertwined with those of the USA and China, plus the EU Economic Partnership Agreement.

May update – preference for defensive portfolio positioning maintained

Willem Vinke takes a closer look at the Funds' performance contributors in May.

All eyes on the G20 meeting in June

Mitsuhiro Yuasa comments on the potentially delayed consumption tax hike and its impact on Japan.

“Buy in May”

Eric Vanraes looks at potential buying opportunities presented during the month of May and the rest of the year.

Additional Government stimuli expected

Lilian Co takes a closer look at the US-China relationship.

More accomodation in sight

Eric Sturdza comments on the Fed's monetary policy stance and the market's need for further accommodation.

Month of May lived up to its reputation

Bertrand Faure comments on the investment climate in Europe during the famously challenging month of May.

Market focuses on Trump-Xi meeting at G20 summit

Yutaka Uda comments on the market's response to the US-China trade frictions.

Japanese Equities: Long-term investing in the Reiwa era

How will the new era of “beautiful harmony” affect Japanese equities? Mitsuhiro Yuasa, portfolio manager of the E.I. Sturdza Strategic Japan Opportunities Fund provides his latest insights on the Reiwa era.

A YTD stock-level review

Bertrand Faure provides a detailed commentary about the Fund's and its underlying stocks' YTD performance.