The backend of 2019 could offer very interesting opportunities in European small and mid-cap companies

Bertrand Faure provides insight on the potential opportunities available in European equities towards the backend of 2019.

Change of name and minimum investment criteria for the Strategic Europe Value Fund

Fund renamed to further reflect the exposure to “Quality Value” investment opportunities and minimum investment criteria amended.

Triathlon team win two Gold and two Silver medals

The Guernsey triathlon team (sponsored by Eric Sturdza Investments) are triumphant at the 2019 NatWest International Island Games.

In-depth due diligence, a basic requirement for long term sustainability

Brenda Petsche, Managing Director, reiterates our business model and due diligence processes, in light of the practices recently adopted by other Investment Managers.

Brexit and potential impact on the Strategic Europe Value Fund

The Strategic Europe Value Fund is currently deemed a PEA compliant Fund, investing on a continuous basis at least 75% of its NAV in eligible assets.

Strategic European Smaller Companies Fund – 2018 YTD Performance Review

Mid December, the Fund’s year to date performance stands at approximately -25% (as at 14/12/2018) while the Fund’s benchmark has lost ~8.5%. Since inception in May 2015, the Fund has returned +4% while the benchmark is down by -2%. Most of the outperformance created in 2015, 2016 and 2017 evaporated this year.

Sturdza Family Fund – Benchmarks

The Sturdza Family Fund launched on the 14th December 2018 with the aim of providing our investors with a solution within the multi asset space in light of increasing volatility, offering dynamic exposure to global markets.

Our commitment to charitable giving

EI Sturdza is proud to have worked with the Tumaini Fund in 2018, a charity which seeks to provide support...

Evolution in EI Sturdza’s Product Offering

EI Sturdza is pleased to advise that two new sub-funds of the EI Sturdza Funds plc are to be launched in December 2018, the Sturdza Family Fund, a multi asset vehicle and the Strategic Bond Opportunities Fund, offering a core exposure to fixed income markets.

Season’s Greetings from EI Sturdza

We wish you, your family and colleagues a happy and peaceful festive season and a prosperous 2019. We invite you...

Seeking Excellence Across Global Markets

We form exclusive alliances with portfolio managers who are leaders in their sector and have solid, outstanding, demonstrable long-term track records. Eric Sturdza Investments provides its portfolio managers with an extensive infrastructure, supported by independent institutional-quality risk management and controls. Allowing the investment teams to focus purely on portfolio management.

Brexit Impacts for EI Sturdza

We have planned for a “hard Brexit” whilst continuing to evaluate additional potential risks and opportunities that may arise as a result.