A view on the 2018 market movements

Bertrand Faure comments on the Fund's upside potential over the years to come.

The closing of the Strategic US Momentum & Value Fund

Eric Sturdza comments on the Fund closing its doors and looks back on its performance during the turbulent year of 2018.

New Family Fund launches – Offering dynamic exposure to global markets

Eric Sturdza introduces the Sturdza Family Fund, which launched in December, providing investors with the dynamic management of a global multi-asset investment portfolio.

90 day truce agreed – Trade deal nearing

Lilian Co comments on the implications of the 90-day trade truce between the US and China.

Sticking with good quality & growing companies

Mitsuhiro Yuasa puts the stock market's performance in December in context and comments on the Fund's current positioning.

Growth concerns push yields lower

Eric Vanraes comments on attractive investment opportunities in the the current environment of increased volatility due to global risk aversion.

Decisive fiscal stimulus to be implemented by government

Yutaka Uda comments on Prime Minister Abe's pursuit of higher economic growth and the respective means adopted.

December update – There is more to come…

Willem Vinke explains his preference for defensive portfolio positioning given the current environment.

Leveraging on the opportunities presented – the launch of the New Sturdza Family Fund

In November the Fund posted a total return of +2.51%, outperforming its benchmark by 0.63 percentage points.

Any positive news can be a catalyst for a sharp rally

In November, the Japanese market initially declined following an announcement by Japan’s main mobile phone operator (DOCOMO) of its intention to reduce charges by 20~40% by mid-2019, triggering the stocks of 3 major telecom carriers to fall.

The New Immigration Law – Another Step Towards New Japan

The domestic market recovered slightly in November despite the lack of any good news. Investors were disappointed about the lack of results from the APEC forum, with no notable progress made regarding the trade dispute between the US and China.

Ready for a Bond Rally by the end of the year?

During November, the main financial markets were driven by Brexit, the trade war between the US and China, the mid-term elections, the FOMC, the defeat of Ms Merkel’s party in local elections and the beginning of social troubles in France.