Open bar at the Fed!

Eric Vanraes comments on the Fed's return to a dovish monetary policy.

Change on the horizon? Japans’ “Reiwa” Era to start in May.

Mitsuhiro Yuasa provides an outlook on the Japanese economy in 2019.

March review: Cautious outlook remains

Willem Vinke takes a closer look at the Fund's top performing sectors and contributors in March.>

A great start to the new year

Bertrand Faure comments on the contrasting behaviour of asset classes in 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

Global economy to turn around from 2H 2019 onwards

Yutaka Uda comments on the importance of fiscal policies in the current economic environment.

Chinese equities represent a great opportunity for long term value investing

Lilian Co, portfolio manager of the EI Sturdza Strategic China Panda Fund, provides an insider’s view of the Chinese markets.

Strong job data offset by dovish FOMC minutes

Eric Vanraes comments on the Fed's current Quantitative Tightening Policy.

A nearing trade deal?

Lilian Co discusses the progress made with regards to the US-Chinese relationship.

The team continue to focus on individual growth companies

Mitsuhiro Yuasa comments on the importance of "looking at a tree not a forest".

February Update: The pricing of risk assets

Willem Vinke discusses the pricing of risk assets in the current environment.

Stock selection is key in the current environment

Bertrand Faure comments on the Fund's largest monthly contributor Barco and its growth potential.

More upside from here?

Eric Sturdza comments on the general uncertainty about the neutral rate and the potential adjustment of the FOMC's "dot plot".